Mobile screen showing step from new funnel

New funnel for a big Dutch insurance company

Remote Design Sprint for one of the biggest education publishers in The Netherlands.

The Challenge – Create a better user flow and improve conversions

Create a better user flow for new clients to help them calculate, choose and buy a health insurance with confidence for them and their family. At the same time, this new funnel must meet business goals by boosting conversion rates.

My contributions


  • Usability testing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Analysing user flows
  • Creative Design workshops
  • Prototyping

Problem: complexity leads to exits

From usability testing it became clear that the complexity of the product (health insurance) raises a lot of questions along the steps of choosing the right insurance. To get answers, people needed a lot of additional information that was located outside the funnel.

Multiple forced exit points

The information needed by a user to make decisions was located outside the tool over several pages and also made accessible through two separate tools. This caused confusion with the user triggering exits.

Data is not saved

Leaving the funnel to find extra information results in loss of information.

Buying for the family? Then start over

If you wanted to buy insurance for your family, you had to run the whole process again, per family member. This took a lot of time and people lost interest.

Usability research sales funnel VGZ

Initial flow users went through

The flow below shows that people left the funnel in step 2 and 3 to find extra information. This information is crucial to make a decision. The abandonnement rate was therefore very high. This flow was built from a business perspective, not taking the user thoroughly into account.

Wireframe style screens showing the initial funnel flow

Ideating the solution: one flow without having to start over

User testing and interviews with various stakeholders showed that the client was on the right track making tools and content that answered questions. However, there had to be a more logical approach.

Have one flow for the family

We started to think of having one flow with both Help tol and Comparison tool combined and having users to set up the flow either for them or for a whole family from the beginning, resulting in a faster and more clear process.

With all the answers needed

To provide all the answers user might have during the flow, we integrated the Help tool and the Comparison tool in such a way that it became available just with a push of a button.

At the right moment

We integrated the Help me tool at the points where you would make a decision between packages. Furthermore, we integrated the comparison tool as such that a user can adjust the content shown for which a comparison is made.

Pictures of the ideation workshop showing post-its and a simple new user flow

New prototype that offers all tools in one flow

Being able to calculate and consequently buy insurance for yourself and your family (if you want) while having tools readily available with the click of a button. A very simple flow that is just a logical offering of information based on what users need in each step.

For the user test the team decided to use actual data. Therefore I created a low fidelity prototype (see below) that a developer built in Axure.


Wireframes of new prototype

Validation: higher conversion rates!

Usability testing of first prototypes showed promising results on which the team built the actual product. 7 months later (in Holland health insurance can only be bought in November and December), the new flow proved to result in almost double the conversion rate.

Building the separate tools into one funnel

Proved to be a very good decision. The team continuously  adds types of remunerations to increasingly help people from all audiences.

Helping the separate tools into one funnel

The new flow helped more people navigating decisions regarding an increasingly complex product that everyone is obliged to have.

Showing the finished mobile designs

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