I am a UX Designer & Workshop Facilitator
helping businesses do a bit better for their users every day

Where user needs and business goals meet

Design should always be aimed at the sweet spot between user needs and business goals. Both user and business have their role in the experience. Working side by side with both these stakeholders is therefore key to great design.

My name is Robin pot and I am a UX Designer and I make heavily use of Workshops to align on challenges smoothly and validate solutions fast.

Let me show you how.


User needs circle overlaps with business needs circle showing UX as overlapping sweetspot

Here’s how I work

I use a Design Thinking approach as a basis for building Designs that work. I like speed and I therefore use Workshops instead of meetings to get to results faster. Workshops can be used in any of the 5 steps below.

1. Empathise

2 people being interviewed

I Empathise with users and business stakeholders doing research into pain points, needs and goals.

2. Define

Remote user test with feedback on a grid with post-its

Together with my clients, I map out the challenge, its scope and focus area and define critical questions to validate.

3. Ideate

Sketches that indicate idea generation through sketching and workshops

We generate loads of ideas and build concepts to test together.

4. Prototype

Wireframe sketches with arrows that indicate that there are prototype interactions

From user flows and storyboards I quickly build realistic clickable prototypes.

5. Validate

Remote user test with feedback on a grid with post-its

I validate the prototype with actual users against our critical questions. Did we solve the challenge?

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